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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions for you to review. If you have any questions that are not listed below, please feel free to contact us at (239) 772-8835.

Who will be coming out to install my new alarm system.

Do you offer Financing? 

YES! We make it easy for you to secure your home or upgrade your sound or automation system by offering 100% easy financing for your next Innerlink purchase.   

Innerlink installs and services their own customers, no need to worry about subcontracting another installation company.

Does the home security company have their own monitoring center?

Innerlink has their own central station, an Innerlink Security representative will be in contact upon an alarm signal.

Will the company that installed my alarm system be the one to provide the service too?

Innerlink sells, installs, monitors and services all their customers, no need for third-party.

What happens if I cancel my phone service and I have no back-up cellular radio installed on my alarm system?

Home security companies offer cellular radios to use as a back-up form of alarm transmission, and as a primary form. However, if you have no phone service and no cellular radio installed with your alarm system—your alarm system will be considered local, which means only the alarm will sound. There is no way to have your alarm monitored without either one of these. Innerlink can provide you with an alarm cellular device if you choose to cancel your land line service.

Does the company offer leased alarm systems or do I own it after a certain amount of time?

Innerlink has many options for our customers to choose from; buy, lease or previously owned, we will work with every customer to fit their needs and budget.

Can I have an alarm system installed, but not have it monitored?

Innerlink provides alarm systems that are not monitored. However, alarm monitoring is a very critical part of your home’s security. Besides, opting for alarm monitoring could save you money on your new home security system and your homeowner’s insurance premium.

Will I be provided with alarm yard signs and decals to put up around my home?

Innerlink provides customers with a yard sign and window decals. We offer these to our customers to not only deter criminal activity ever further, but also to “mark” a home, so to speak. If an alarm signal is called in to the police, the dispatcher will usually ask for the alarm company name. When looking for your address, a police officer may be able to spot your home quicker by seeing the Innerlink Security yard sign in front of it.

What type of alarm installations does the home security company offer?

Innerlink offers a wireless alarm package for existing structures. If you desire a hard-wired alarm system in an existing residence or business, please know dry wall repairs will be required. We will provide you with options to best suit your needs.

If I am not happy with the company after my installation, can another home security company take over my alarm monitoring?

Some home security companies install proprietary systems. This means the systems are exclusive to their company. Not only will other home security companies not be able to monitor your alarm system, you will not be able to add any upgrades to it through another company. Innerlink does not use proprietary alarm panels, our panels are capable of being taken over by another alarm company but we put our customers first with outstanding service and satisfaction.

Will the company offer me something to show proof that I had an alarm system installed to give to my homeowner’s insurance company?

Innerlink submits an alarm certificate to monitored customers at the completion of the alarm installation.

How can I prevent false alarms?

False alarms cost you and the local authorities money. And after enough false calls, police may begin ignoring your alarms. Protect your home, and save money and resources, by following the checklist below.

  • Always keep your emergency contact list up-to-date.
  • Secure all doors and windows before arming your system.
  • Consider who should have access to your home. Make sure they know your code and how to use the alarm.
  • Pets can set off motion detectors, call us when you first get pets.
  • Don’t relocate motion detectors near vents.
  • Be sure to replace your batteries—check your manufacturer’s instructions for how often.
  • Call us before you remodel.
  • Cover your smoke detectors during construction, building repairs, and major cleaning.
  • Test and inspect your system every month.
  • Call us if you think your alarm isn’t working at its best.

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